Assign Serial During Sales or Purchase Delivery of Goods


In order to assign serial manually first make a sale or purchase order then add a delivery to it after adding the delivery while accepting for making the delivery it will not make delivery as there is no assigned serial for the product while making sale or purchase order.


 From the above screenshot it shows that after going for the delivery process while making acceptance of the delivery the function stops and says to assign a product serial. so In order to make a product serial manually then click on the PD-xxx number marked in blue box. Then a window will appear of performing the serial assigning.

After visiting the PD or SD you can see at the second corner top a button name " Assign Serial"  which will lead you to generate that product serial. Note: Basically the product serial is performed in order to track all the products that are either purchased or sold from the application. After going to the Assign Serial interface, window will appear as:

After appearing to assign serial page. you can put the entry form as sequence like for example if you take altogether more than 1 quantity of products you can put a sequence of serial in an order mentioning the order of sequencial numbering.

At the product serial on the right end of the window you can see a green boxed marked on the action tab " Add Serial". Click on that Add serial and then the serial will be automatically generated depending on the sequence number. Screenshot is given below:

As you can see serial has been automatically generated for one product  with following the sequencial entry form.