Claim invoice or Token


Claim Invoice or token is basically generating a token for a particular sales or purchase claim list from the application. Usually the Token is generated by visiting to a particular Claim on a sale or purchase list. after visiting to the particular claim number. The screenshot is given below.


As you can see from the above screen there is a button name "Generate Token" on the top right corner. After clicking on that button a window will appear of service invoice or token generation menu tab.

From the above page you can choose your desire type of showing the service token or invoice. As you can see you can take several formats of visualizing the service token such as XML, Preview format, Print format, through Email. You can download as well in pdf, doc, html or xls format

Filter shows the details of the claim like what do you want to show in the report of service token

It also consist of report header and outline choosing as well as can see a small preview sample of the header outline

You can also configure the page setup as well as provide the signature too.

After clicking on the preview the following page will appear of generating a service token which is shown below: