Manage Batch Sales or Group Claim


Batchwise or group wise sales can be managed easily from the application. This means group wise or multiple claims can be easily processed out from the application.

1) Add Batch Sales or Group Claim: RMA--> Create Batch Sales Claim

Batchwise claim addition includes some following requirement fields:

Claim For: Choosing the claim purpose

Basic Information:

Customer : Name of the customer

Contact: Customer contact details

Third Party Name (optional): If there is any third party involvement

Third Party Contact: Contact number of third party

Add Claim information:

Receiving Date: Date of receiving the claim

Notification Date: Claim notification date

Branch: From which branch assigning (if there is any branch)

Delivery: From which branch delivery (If there is any)

Claim Received By: Name of the person receiving the claim ( Note: this is the person who can receive claim from the application and he or she is the employee of your company)


2) Specific Batch Sales Claim Page:

It has the similar procedure as of specific claim list since it is more or less same as the other claim list view just the difference is it is termed as group wise claims which will be shown under the Claims tab. From here you can also generate service invoice as billing as well as generate token for the claim

NOTE: When you want to see the batch sales or purchase claim from the claim list how will you identify that? in order to identify the batch sales or purchase claim list on the list window you will check out the relation whether it is single or batch. If it is batch then this is a batchwise claims.