Road Transport Authority Management


One of the key application that PrismERP software provides for this industry is the Road Transport Authority Utilities where user can directly apply for the customer’s vehicle registration to the government’s road transport authority. BRTA is the Road Transport Authority for Bangladesh which is being used in this PrismERP software.

Customer permission

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With PrismERP’s Customer permission feature, the customer will get approve or clearance of the vehicles from the company so that the customer can apply for the BRTA registration.  

BRTA Application

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In PrismERP's BRTA Application, it is the form where the customer’s information as well as the vehicle’s information is filled up for applying the registration.


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PrismERP’s Registration feature is the final government registration procedure where the vehicle’s engine & chassis number, Owner’s detailed information, Concern report, Sales Invoice report, Gate pass report, Delivery Chalan all are packed up in one form.