Sales Collection Target


1) Add Collection Target:

Collection Target--> Add Collection Target


Name: Name of the Collection Target group

Start: Start time of the collection

End: End time of the collection

Branch: Assigning the branch of collection

Total Target: Total target will be automatically filled up from the system by calculating once you provide the target details information

Target details: Providing the details of the collection target, i.e. name of the party and total amount to be collected


After filling up the requirement fields then a collection target will be generated and will appear in the collection target list page: ( List page view of Collection Target)


From the list page you can see a collection target was created as well providing the list of all the collection target with detailed information as shown above screenshot. from the list page you can assign employee to the collection target as well as adding new collection target.


2) Assigning employee for a specific collection target: ( Possible to add from collection target list by clicking on the assign target from the list page, going to a particular collection target page and then click on the assign target or go to Collection Target--> Assign Collection Target)

From the above screenshot you can see

(i) You are assigning the employee under the employee box, as well as the target name which they will be collecting

(ii) Name of the party from whom that particular employee will collect

(iii) Amount of collection which will automatically show when you select the party of that collection target

(iv) Minimum required achievements for collection

(v) Comission if the collection target is from the sales target which that employee is assigned


After generating the assign collection target, it will straight be shown into the Assign collection target list (Collection Target--> List Assign Collection Target)


From the list page you can see the status of the collection target of the employee with the amount, achievement, percentage of achievement (progress of collection), Commission Rate, Minimum Required Achievement(shows the remaining of the minimum achievement of that employer to cross for comission rate) , Total Comission (Total comission gained by that specific employe from the collection)

Q. How we will understand that the progress of the employee records are changing and showing in the list?

Ans: When we are creating any receipt voucher of the specific collection target for the party, we are assigning the collection person there and that will automatically calculate and generate in the list which will show the accurate data of the status of the employee of those specific collection target in the list (i.e. how much amount employee collected from the party)