Sales Target Reportings


1) Sales Target Information Report View:

Print--> Sales Target--> Sales Target Information

After going through the process, a window will appear of the reporting format. The screenshot is provided below:


From the format window

1) Select the target name which you want to see

2) Can download the report in pdf, doc, html, xls format

3) Can preview or print the report from the window by clicking and viewing

4) Can set up the page style of viewing

5) Outline and Header if any


The view of the sales target report for a particular target is shown below:


Preview format:


Print Format:


From the top right corner icons, you can click on print for printing the report document, you can also download(Default PDF format)


2) Employee Wise Sales Target Information:

Print--> Sales--> Employee wise Sales Target Information


Preview format:



Print Format:


3) Employee Target vs Achievement Report View:

Print--> Sales Target--> Employee Target vs Achievement Report View


Target vs achievement reporting gives the detail comparison between these two of the employee. This will provide general idea about the sales person who was in tag with a specific sales target and it is easy to track that person through this reporting. The system automatically generates the report with proper calculation once you visit the reporting page.