How to Create Sale order from the application?

Order--> Add Sale Order


From the new sale order window the following information needs to be filled up

1) Party Type: Type of party to whom the sale order is preparing

2) Customer: Name of the Customer or customer company

3) Contact: contact number of the customer if any

4) email: Email contact of the customer

5) Balance: Balance due with that customer (it will generate and show automatically once you select the party type and the customer name, whether it has any balance due)

6) Order date: Date of the sale order

7) Due Date: Due date of the sale order payment collection from the customer

8) Sales Person: Choosing the sales person who sold the products (if any)

9) Work Order: Selecting the work order number if the sale order is made against a specific work order

10) Branch: From which branch sale order was made

11) Payment Method: Method of Payment Accepted

12) Inventory: Chossing the Inventory

13) Delivery date: Date of delivering the product

14) Product Information: name of the item, product, quantity, total price of selling products

15) Option of Instant Delivery (Optional) : If you want to generate the delivery instantly from the sale order you can do that by ticking the option, it will generate the delivery but in pending state. You need to approve later)

16) Auto accept (optional) : There is also another option of auto accept(Although it is not showing there but this option basically is for the delivery approval. once you tick the instant delivery you can also tick on the auto accept for approval of delivery if you want)

17) Account information: account transaction and hitting of financial accounting entry.  Selecting the sales account and cash/bank account


After completing the information and clicking on save, the following page will appear of generating sale order as SO-xxxx


From the list you can see a sale order has been generated as SO-1455 number. But you can see it is in pending state shown as " ! " sign. In order to approve the sale order of hitting the account, click on the "Start progress" to start the sale order from pending state. By clicking on the complete button this means all the transactions payments delivery everything is done of that sale order. If you click on the close button that means you cannot change edit or do anything. This sale order has been completely closed from accounting entry and everything which means you cannot change the status anymore.