Auto Invoice Generation


Auto Invoice generation to the email response where for specific number or a group subscribers who are under service will get a billing invoice automatically through email by shaping up a template from the application which will automatically generate an invoice for the billing service for a reminder to the subscriber.

1) Setting up or configuring the Auto invoice generation.

For that go to Settings--> Configuration--> Select the Service Billing section from the left side of the window. 

The screenshot is given below:


From the above pic you can see first selecting the service billing from the left side of the window at lower end. then Service Billing Settings information will appear on the right side. At the lower end you can see the Service Invoice Notice. From there Choose the Auto Invoice Notice status to True in order to activate the Auto Invoice Generation. Beside the Auto Invoice Notice option you can see the Invoice Notice currently as 0. This Invoice Notice refers to the sequence of Invoice notification to be sent to the customer as well as choosing the specific template for each notification email to the subscriber. The Screenshot is given below for better understanding of Invoice Notice function.



Auto Invoice Notice function basically works as customized email template which you want to sent with the invoice to the customer. Invoice Notice is selected as 2 which means two emails will be generated and sent to the customer at different time. Email template basically is the template which you will be choosing for the notice1 and notice 2. Auto Send refers to the notice that will be send after a certain days of bill generation. (For example you choose an email template of reminder for the Notice 1 for a bill service and bill was generated on 15th October , a default invoice mail was already sent on that day. This Notice 1 will be generated and sent to the customer after a particular days chosen in the above screenshot i.e. After 5 days the customer will get an Invoice Notice of reminder similar way second notice will be sent after 7 days to the first notice and in this way the process works. If you keep the Auto Send option blank, mark that your invoice notice will not be sent automatically to the client. You have to sent it manually that time through the billing service list.