Service Packages:


1) New Service Package: Service package describes list of services that are being provided as a package to the customer

(a) Name: Name of the service package you want to desire

(b) Branch: Assigning branch of your company

(c) Start: Starting date of this service package

(d) End: Editing Date of the service package

(e) Service information:

(i) Item: Service items listing in the package

(ii) Service: Service name

(iii) Unit Cost: Unit cost of each service

(iv) VAT %: Percentage of VAT (if included)

(v) VAT: VAT amount (Note this is generated automatically after providing the VAT percentage, it will calculate the VAT amount automatically from the unit cost)

(vi) Quantity: Amount of service quantity

(vii) Total: Total amount of individual service cost


2) Service Package List: List page shows all the service package that are created and provided from the application

From the list page view:

On the left side shows all the service package name and its status & Amount

Search filter will help to search specific name or branch wise service package

You can change the status of a specific package or multiple package together (activate or deactivate)

You can also add service package from the list page by clicking on the "+" icon on the top left beside the heading Service Package

On the Right side it shows all the package detail information,you can also make modification or changes in the information by clicking on the edit on the top right corner of the above screenshot.