Service Management


1) Add Service Item:

Service item can be added with the types on demand service or Recurrent service. On demand means work based money and recurrent service reference to monthly wise service.

2) Service Item List Page:

List page shows all the service items that are being created in the application

From the list page you can check out all the service item names on the left side and on the right side shows the services information and its Fee . You can also make change or modifications of a particular service item by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of the window. Also you can add new service items from the service list.

3) Add Services: In order to add service

Service--> New Service

Item Type: Type of service item whether it is recurrent or on demand service

Item: Name of the service item

Name: Name of the new service

Unit of Measurement: Measurement done for service whether its kg,cm,m ,unit etc.

Step Size: Quantity size step taking a service whether is decimal or as a whole number

Preferred Vendor: Preferred Vendor for providing service

Purchase % VAT:

Sale % Vat: VAT if required on purchase

Sale Discount: VAT if required on sale

Purchase Discount: Discount on purchase

Purchase Price: price of service purchased

Sale Price: Price of service selling

MRP: Maximum Retail Price

PrismERP’s Service Billing make provision to add new service with multi units, purchase price, sale price & vat. Multi Unit has been provided in the application as you can see from the above screenshot. The below screenshot shows after selecting the Multi-units

As you can see multi-units provide the options of adding as many units as you want while adding a service.


4) Service List: Shows all the list of services that are created in the application

From the list of service you can active or deactive the service

can see all the service name on the left side of the pic

on the right side you can see the service package on the window.