Subscriber Management


In the Subscriber Management section, Management defines all the list of subscriber clients, services, contracts and request that are already available in your application.

1) Subscriber List: In the Service information, Subscriber Contract list page shows all the information of service contracts of a subscriber.

Service--> Subscriber List


From the list page you can see all the names of the party who are under service and their subscribed date. Also by clicking on that individual name will show the detail service information of that particular party


As you can see a particular party's service information is shown after clicking on the party's link from the list. From the service information page you can see his profile, contracts, services, service orders, vouchers, ledger all as individual in an elaborate manner. At the top shows the balance of his service (Note that the balance is coloured as RED, which means that he didn't paid for the service yet to the company. So his liability towards you is marked as red, i.e. you will get that amount of money from the party for the service)


2) Subscriber Services: Shows the list of services that are subscribed. Subscriber Service shows all the service package information of a particular subscriber as well as user can upgrade and downgrade from this page for the subscriber.

Service--> Subscriber Service


From the list page you can see the full details of a subscriber related to their service, contract, product quantity, bill type,policy,last billed etc. Also from a specific subscribed you can check out the contract and can also make modification. The screenshot is given below for the contract page of a specific subscriber