Sale/Purchase Delivery Management


After purchasing or selling a product and approving the order it needs to be delivered into the inventory,that is with the help of delivery feature you will get the ordered products inside the inventory if purchased and will be go outside from inventory to customer if the product is sold. Delivery Process can be done with two ways. Either selecting a specific sale or purchase order generated in the application and going into the delivery tab to add the delivery or straight going to the delivery module to do new sale and purchase delivery. Two steps are provided in depth below:

1) Adding Delivery from Specific Sale/Purchase order profile. (After generating the Sale/Purchase order and visiting that specific SO & PO number to add delivery):


From the above screenshot you can see the delivery tabs as well as delivery option on the top right corner. click on the top right corner button and then click on add delivery to deliver the product then a window will appear as shown below:



Click on the save button to generate delivery. After generating you will notice that the delivery will be in pending state showing the " ! " sign. check out below for understanding.


Select the SD and click on the accept button to accept the delivery . ( Similar way the PD is also done after purchasing and then adding the delivery and accepting it).


After accepting the " !" sign will change into a tick sign which indicates the delivery has been done.