Supplier & Vendor Management


Management of vendor & supplier is a key figure or importance in the Supply Chain Management process. In order to maintain a strong healthy relationship with vendors, monitoring and communication related to transaction is vital. With the application using the party management features the vendors can be easily created and managed so that you can track and get all the order transaction related to specific supplier or vendor. ( Note that not all vendors are the suppliers but all the suppliers are under vendors. In this applications suppliers are managed and created from the party management under vendor).

1) Creating Vendor from Party Management:

Party > New Vendor


At the first field, providing all the basic information required for creating the supplier or vendor as shown above


 In the second section of the screenshot, you need to provide the complete information details about the vendor company along with address & account information.


2) Specific Vendor Profile page:

Party--> Vendor List

From the list page you can see all the vendor and supplier list as well as the detailed information along with all other tabs of a specific profile. From the list you can also visit to a specific vendor's profile page by clicking on the specific vendor name on the left side of the window of the above screenshot. After clicking on the specific vendor, a window will appear as shown below: