Adding New Ticket & Portal Viewer


1) How to Add a New Ticket

(i) Requester: Person who is generating the ticket
(ii) Email: Any valid mail address which is already verified in the system (Note: For verification that needs to be configure from the settings-->configuration or settings--> Mailer--> Email Address)
(iii) Subject: Based on what issues or problems
(iv) Message: Body Part or Description of the problem
The List which shows the overall tickets that has been generated by user where he/she can view, change, edit, add, status etc.
Ticketing List Page View provides the following search or filtering option.
a) Closed & Resolved Ticket: The tickets that are closed or resolved.
b) Suspended List: Tickets coming from customer but not registered in the system
c) Ticket Numbers: Able to search according to the ticket numbers
d) Assignee Information: Can see the ticket list according to assignee
e) Requester: Can see the ticket according to requester
f) Branch wise ticket: Can able to filter according to different branches
g) Department, Level: Tickets according to their field
h) Party: how much tickets are generating according to party
h) Issue: Tickets that are raised on what particular problems
i) Date range: Able to view the tickets from specific dates assigned
j) Priority: how many tickets are generated according to different priority level
k) Set Ticket status: User can able to set different status on a ticket.
l) Add new ticket: Can able to add new ticket from the list page.
TICKETING SYSTEM PORTAL (How to Reply a Ticket From Support Portal):
Ticketing System Portal defines the portal or the menu where you will be able to control view and see all the tickets that are raised or generated by the customer as well controlling power of handling all the ticket information.
Reply: Able to see the reply from Customer or Ticket agent and give reply.
Add Attachment: Able to add files by Customer or Ticket agent.
Ticket: Ticket number is shown on the ticket section
Type: type of problem raised in ticket
Priority: Shows the priority level of ticketing and under which status it is whether critical,urgent etc.
Issue on:
Request Date: Date of ticket request
Branch: assinging the branch from which ticket is raised or will be managed
Level: Level shows under which level will the ticket problem be managed and solved
Other features includes opening, pending, solved, unsolved messages  which can be seen clearly and can be managed very easily.
For better interface of customer benefit that can also be provided from the application. Company can provide user portal to their customer for seeing the overall status and condition of tickets as well as generating ticket to the company support.
From the Customer Portal as shown in the above screenshot the user is able to generate a ticket as well as view the ticket list.