Managing Service & Ticket Levels



The organization that provides services to the customer with the help of ticket raising. [Note that this is an additional or optional feature provided for any type of companies if they demand]

The above pic shows that first you need to add new provided service.

Service Name describes about the service provider

Class: similar to service name

Service ID: defines the code number for identification in short

Service Group: defines the name or number of the specific group or department which the service related ticket will be forwarded too for solving



Ticket Levels is the level where the user is assigning the employees under a group according to branch and department. Level defines the number of people under a department who will be negotiating or analyzing the problems or issues based on the raising ticket type. Tickets will be automatically transferred to those levels depending on the configuration.

How to Get Access to the Ticket Level in PrismERP

Settings --> Ticketing System --> Ticket Levels

How to Add Ticket Level

In order to add Ticket Level, click the add icon on top corner of the Ticket level list page and then the window will appear like this

[Note that type of tickets can be provided both Support & Internal type]

Name: Heading of the Ticket Level

Type: Ticket Type

Group Mail: Head Mail for the entire person assigned in the level

Department: Ticket department

Branch: Different Branches where the level is assigned

Agents Information: who is handling the ticket on behalf of an organization.

Set Status: Able to activate or deactivate the ticket levels


List Page View of Ticket Levels

From the list page the user can view, add, edit the levels and also set the status of the ticket levels.