Ticket Outline (Custom Ticket Configuration)


It is the module of making provision for new type of ticket. There are various options inside this feature where company can view, add, edit, and configure. It can also configure the source of email and has the ability for SPAM controlling and even giving own choice of Template for customer response. (Note: a default configuration of outline is already placed in the system, you can customize on your own)

How to access to the ticket outline module:

First get into the settings module of the PrismERP, and then go to “Ticketing System” from there select the “Ticket Outline”. Screenshot is given below

How to add a Ticket Outline

On the top right of the corner there is a + icon. Click on the icon and then a window will appear given below:

From the above screenshot “Name” describes the heading for the new type of ticket outline.

“Type” describes about the different provisions or classification of the ticket provided in the system. For now in the system there are two types of ticket. Support and Internal Ticket.

[ Take an observation about an option name Email Synchronization currently it's in disable state]

Email Sync

Email Synchronization describes the ability of handling all Email and to see tickets generated by a person. Company has the ability of controlling the email synchronization and can either keep it enable or disable.

If Enabled the Email Sync:


From the above screenshot

a) “Last Sync” will show or view the mails from the assigned date up to present date today.

b) “Email-Selection” is the source from where all the replies of mails related to ticket will be given to the customer

 c) “SPAM” is the option where you can block the access of any email address by putting their email id in the box.



The level information box in the add outline menu represents the user who can assign different ticket levels for handling the ticket issues and there will be shifting of levels after particular time intervals i.e. you can assign different levels which you have created from the Ticket Level features.For example you have assigned three different levels with a particular time interval, the first level assigned was to handle the issue for one hour, if he is not able to handle the matter the issue will automatically shift to another level after the time interval and in this way the process continues.

Screen shot of an example is given below




Email Templates :

Predefined customizable email templates response automatically customer and assignee.

Auto response: automatically generating the welcome message for customer with ticket information

ST Reply: Shows the status of the ticket

ST assigned: Generating an email for designated assignee or ticket agent

ST Status: Closing or Resolved & Re Open status of the ticket