Assigned Task Monitoring


Assign Task monitoring refers to the Assign Task feature under Task module. This is basically an option for monitoring specific task from the application. So this helps to track the tasks under activities whether properly performed or not giving the approval. Note that this is basically a great feature for tracking and monitoring the task performance


1) Assign Task:

Task--> Assign Task


In the assign task list:

1) First choose the user whom you are assigning to for monitoring and Choose Supervised by: i.e. which user will supervised or monitor the assigned user

2) Individual Task information relates to choosing the activity, task name, start, end date & time, Duration, Cost( Here cost refers to as weightage not the pricing, i.e. how much weight does the task cost)


2) Task Assignment List:

Shows the list of all the assigned tasks


From the task assignment list you can see the full details and proper idea about the information relates to specific assigned task as well as the tasks that are created. From the list you can also take specific action such as edit or modifying specific assign task

From the list you can add task, as well as go through for the task assignment report, assign task as well.



3) Task Assignment Report:

Task--> Assigned Task Report.

Smart report analysis which will give you detailed records including pie-chart of performance and status of an activity and task.