Tasks Under Activity


1) Add new Task:

Task--> Add Task


Task relates to the all the assignment or work under a specific activity. After visiting to the window of creating new task, Following info fields needs to be completed

1) Activity Type: Choosing the activity under which this new task will be created

2) Task Name: Name of the Task

3) Start, End & Estimated Time of the task

4) Start Date: Date of starting the Task

5) Assigned To (Optional): While creating new task you can also assigned to a specific employee in that task directly

After finishing up the information, click on save for creating new task.


2) Task List:

Task--> Task List

Shows the list of all task with detail informations


In the task list you can see the name of all the activities with their task name and start, end time information along with the name of employee assigned in the task practically. From the list you can also make modification changes or edit a particular task as well as adding a new task. From the list you can also jump into Assign Task feature which is basically explained in the next section of Assign Task Feature