Concept of Utility Billing in PrismERP


The purpose of this application is to manage all the metered & non metered customers and generate various MIS report based on the consumptions and sales. From commissioning to periodic billing of each customer can be tracked through this application.

Based on the client's demand metered customers can be categorized into various sections. But practically 5 general sections can be defined for basic understanding. They are domestic customers, commercial customers, industrial customers, CNG customers and captive power customers.

How Features of metered billing works into the application?





Meter reading

All the meter reading, meter change, reconnection and disconnection information is gathered here



Adjustment for previous bill correction and penalty is gathered here



Interest generated for late payment is collected from this section



All the necessary load information and rate data are gathered from here


Bill is generated using all the above mentioned information. After successful bill generation these are printed and sent to respective zone of department to distribute these among the customers. When customer pays the bill to the bank, it is then integrate to the application which generates the invoice statement as well as if a customer didn't pay the bill, there is a provision of provision of providing late payment invoice statement with generating the penalty fee depending on the number of late days.

Management of Metered Customer

All the required information of a specific customer will be managed here. Personal information like name, contact information, national id, billing information like load information, pressure factor and temperature factor, security information like cash deposit, bank deposit and land ownership will be managed from this section.

Invoice Generation

Invoices will be generated for all eligible metered customers by incorporating the meter reading, adjustment, interest and penalty imposed by the authority.


Receivable and Interest Management

Payment collection and interest generation for defaulter will be managed. Online Bill play also plays a greater role which can be managed easily by integrating the application of generating bills with the PrismERP system.


Different type of Utilities for Billing in General:


Water Consumption Charge:- There are two types of charges that are set for water consumption. They are-

  • A variable charge is set based on the water usage of the user from the water service provider. The usage of water is measured by a water meter which displays the exact amount of usage and the meter is generally placed at the boundary of the property.
  • An allocated charge is set for a defined amount of water usage. If user exceeds the allocated amount of usage, additional charges are to be paid for each kiloliter of water used.


Electricity Consumption Charge:-

  • Consumption of electricity is measured in kilowatt per hour based by electric meters installed at customers’ premises. They are read once each billing period. The measurement is based on the amount of energy used during the billing period. KWh prices vary widely depending on the geographic location and the utility rate plan.

Telephone Billing System-

Measured Telephone Service (MTS) is a billing model where telephone company charges call by minute. Rate per unit differs from one company to another



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