New Customer Addition


1) Add Customer


Go to --> Parties --> Customer --> New Customer

Entry Process:

Basic Information: Type name of the Customer into the name field, Father’s name into the father’s name field, Nationality & Mobile no. The Customer code will be auto generated.

Address Information: Type address of the customer & select Country, District, Thana of the customer from the list. Type Village, Post office & P.O box no into the customer’s address information.


2) View a Customer’s Profile


Go to --> Parties --> Customer --> Customer list

View: Select a Customer form the list to view his profile. From this profile you can see the following tabs.


  • Details – Name, Picture, Address & Account information of the selected customer.
  • Voucher - All voucher status of the Customer.
  • Ledger - Ledger of the selected Customer.
  • SR – All SR list of the Selected Customer.

Additional Link:

  • Add Contact: Click this link to add the contact information of the customer.
  • Party Ledger: Print party ledger by clicking this link.
  • Edit Opening Balance: Click here to add or edit customer’s opening balance.