Loan Management


1) Loan Disbursement


        Go to --> Loan --> New Loan Disbursement

Entry Process:

Put loan disbursement date. Select desire customer code, then all the information of a customer will be filled up automatically. After that, write the loan amount & interest rate into their field respectively. Select credit account from which account loan will disburse. In SR information grid, all SR of a customer will be filled up automatically after selecting a customer. Select desire SR no. & click clear, all other SR no. will be hidden except the selected SR no. If you want to select all SR then click select all. If one customer has any previous loan it will show in previous loan information grid.


2) Loan Disbursement List


        Go to --> Loan --> Loan Disbursement List

Note: It shows all the loan disburse list of all customers. Select desire loan no. then click accept. Here you can see customer name, loan amount & Interest rate.

3) Loan Receive


       Go to --> Loan --> New Loan Receive

Entry Process:

Select customer code, then all information of the customer is visible. Select customer’s desire loan no. (if any customer has multiple loan), then it will show the loan information & the SR no. which are taken by the company against of the loan will be filled up the loan information grid & SR information grid respectively. You can receive full amount or partially by selecting desire SR no. Write receive loan amount & save. Total days and interest amount will be calculated automatically by the system.


4) Loan Receive List


        Go to --> Loan --> Loan Receive List

Note: It shows all the loan receive list from all customer. Select desire loan receive no.and then accept by clicking. Here you can see customer name, loan receive amount.