SR Management


1) How to Add SR from PrismERP????


     Go to --> SR --> Add SR

Entry Process:

Select booking no. (if any customer has booking) or Customer code (if any customer has no booking), then all information of the customer will fill up automatically. Write SR no. & Carrying Cost (if need) into manual SR no. field & Carrying cost field respectively, select Agent name (if need) & Inventory. Select Product (potato) name, write product quantity & rent amount. Then click save or Save & Print button(to get print option directly).Then Print the SR (Dolil).


2) SR List Page View


      Go to --> SR --> SR List

Note: It is all SR list of all the customer. Select the desire SR no. then click on accept button. Here you can see SR number, SR Quantity, Booking no. (from which the SR Create), Agent name & Carrying Cost.


3) Adding a particular SR to the Black List 


       Go to --> SR --> Black List --> Add Black List

Entry Process:

Select SR no. then all the SR information will fill up automatically. Select date, Write applier name & contact no. into the applier name field & contact no. filed respectively. Then click save button.

4) List Page View of Black List


        Go to --> SR --> Black List --> Black List

Note: It is all Black list of all customers. Here you can see SR no, SR quantity, Customer name & Applier name.