Upgrade Downgrade Management


Upgrade/Downgrade refers to the service modification or changes requirement from customer to the company so that they can either upgrade or downgrade their service package. This upgrade downgrade management request can be generated from the application very easily.

1) Add service upgrade/downgrade request:  Service--> New Upgrade/Downgrade Request

Party: Name of the party who wants to upgrade or downgrade service request

Contract: Choosing the service contract of the party which will be modified for upgrade or downgrade request

Package: Name of the service package will automatically appear after choosing the contract

Service: Choosing the service of the party

Request Date: Date of request for applying

Next Bill: New Next billing for the upgrade/downgrade request

Current Plan: Will show all the information about the current package service (i.e. Quantity, Unit, Billing Cycle, Recurring Amount)

New Plan: It is the field where the new offer will be filled out, i.e. the upgrade downgrade modification, it also has the similar information field like current plan

Adjustment: Adjustment amount with the existing plan after new upgrade/downgrade service request

Service Ends: End date of service

After completing the application process and clicking on the save button the new request will be going into the service uservice upgrade/downgrade request list page as a pending status. Note that once the request is created the status will not be automatically approved, you need to approve that from the list page.


2) Upgrade/Downgrade Request List:

In the request list page you can see all the request that has been created for upgrade or downgrading the service. From the list you can control the status of the request. i.e. changing the status like approving, pending or Rejecting the request. also you can search specific request with the help of a magnificient search filter option. you can even add a new upgrade downgrade request from the list page by clicking on the "+" icon and also from the list you can see the accepted request too by clicking on the icon on the top right corner written " Accepted Request". You can modify or edit an existing request too from the list page.


The below screenshot shows the accepted request list page after clicking on the button of accepted request.