Asset Assignment


Asset assignment refers to the asset which is assigned to a particular employee for company working and task. Basically an asset is assigned to an employee from the application so that it can be tracked.

1) Add Asset Assignment:

Entry Date: Date of entry of assignment

Asset Category: Category type of asset

Item: Name of the asset item which will be handover for assignment

Product: Name of the asset product

Serial: Serial code of the product

Branch: If that is applied from any branch (Note this is used only if the company has multiple branches)

Department: Which department the Asset has been hand over too

Employee: Name of the employee to whom the asset is assigned

Requisition: Optional


2) Asset Assignment List:

Shows the list of all assets that being assigned along with detailed information i.e. Category, Item, Product, Serial number, Department, Employee, Assign Date, Duration etc. From the list you can make edit or modification of an assignment.