Contract Request


Contract request is basically a requesting for upgrading for subscribing for a request of service package in a contract form. This is basically applied by the user to the approval layer for service contract request. The Approval layer user will see that. In order to perform the contract request from the application, the screenshot is shown of the process.

1) Add Service Contract Request:

Contract Request information: It is the field of information related to contract request

a) Party: Name of the Party

b) Name: Name of the person of the party

c) Branch: Assigned Branch of your company

Service information: Service information relates to the service package information field

a) Package: Choosing the desired service package for contract request

b) After choosing the service package, system will automatically show all the package related information in the field and will show the bill start and bill end date also


2) Contract Request List: Shows the list of all service contracts that are being generated in the application.

After completing for add contract request then the window appears like this in the service contract request list page. (Reminder: your contract request is shown as exclamation mark in the status, this means the status is in pending state. From the list you have the provision of making whether pending, approved or rejected.If you approve the status then the service contract request list is completed.