How to reset password of a User & Verification Authenticator




In order to reset the password on the top right corner of the application window you can see black colour where there are three options provided

1) Preferrence 2) Log out 3) Logged in as (name of the user)


In order to reset the password click on the logged in as button. then a window will appear . The two screenshots are shown below for understanding






The second screenshot shows the configuration of reseting the password. Set your current password and then assign the new password field as well as confirming and then click on the save to reset and changing the password.



User verification or using authenticator for Security purpose:


After clicking on the preference button on top of that right corner of the first screenshot then a window will appear as shown below:



Here using the barcode scanner of the google authenticator application from the mobile. This is done mainly for the security purpose of user verification. Next while logging from any device or windows. After giving the user id and password then they will ask for the QR code and you can get the code from authenticator apps and assign the code into the box for logging. This is mainly done for the security purpose of user log