Buying house management can keep record of their vendor’s compliance related information. Compliance module of PrismMMS helps management with keeping information about Auditor’s name, Audit report, Audit type, Audit standard etc.

Compliance --> add audit report  


  1. Audit Add :

    1. Auditor : A text field to input auditor’s name.

    2. Audited Factory: Factories name which has been audited. A dropdown field.

            NB: User can manage factories from [ Party / Vendor] link.

    1. Audit Standard: A dropdown field to select audit standard.

                         NB : User can manage audit standard from [ Compliance / Audit standard List ]

    1. Audit Type: A dropdown field to select audit type.

 NB: The audit type can be managed from [Compliance / Audit type list]

    1. Audit No: A text field to input audit number.

    2. Audit Day:A date field to select audit date.

    3. Validity day:A date field to mark down when the validity will be expired.


Compliance --> Audit report list

Audit list.png

User can also add new audit from the add button , to edit an existing audit user can use right side edit button.



  1. Audit standard list:

Compliance --> Audit standard list

standard list.png

Edit  audit standard: To edit Audit standard user can use the Right side edit button.


Add Audit Standard

add_ audit_standard.png

add_ audit_standard_1.png


3. Audit Type List:

Compliance -->  Audit type list




Audit type Edit: To edit audit type user can use  the right side edit button.



Add Audit type:  ( Process adding the type from the list)

Audit type_add.png