Billet Production


After consuming the raw materials by adding Billet consumption, The next step is to go for the Billet Production stage where the long aluminium shape will be produced.

MRP--> Billet Section--> Billet Production

In this process you are actually making the production of the aluminium bar trunk and delivering into the inventory as a product.

The required fields needs to be fill up in order to generate or proceed the billet production delivery

Branch: From which branch it is generating

Inventory: Choosing the Inventory

Consumption Voucher: Choosing the specific Billet Consumption Number

Start Time: Start time of production

End Time: End time of Production

Delivery Date: Date of Delivery

Entry Date: Entry of the generation

Item and Product information: Choosing the category, Assigning the Name of the product which will be produced from that Billet consumption, How many quantity will be generated, Weight of that  each quantity

After filling up all the requirement fields then click on save for further proceed.

Approval Layer of Billet Production Delivery: Similar like Billet Consumption now for the Billet Production and Delivery after generating from the application it will show in the production deliveries list and it will be pending state. So in order to accept the Billet Product click on the accept and it will then be delivered to the inventory as a Aluminium bar product.