Budget Scenario


Budget scenario relates to tag all the accounts head where a specific budget will put impact on those scenario. Basically this funcition is to see the impact of an increase or decrease in revenue, cost of sales, and expenses. You may like to create a worst case scenario and one for the best case. so basically the accounts head impacts which are tagged to specific budget is the budget scenario in the application


Add New Budget Scenario:

Settings--> Budget--> Budget Scenario Add


In the Basic information field set the name of the budget scenario

In the Budget Account information: Select all the accounts that will be responsible in this budget scenario


After filling up all the requirements and click on save to finish creating a budget scenario which will show in the Budget scenario list as shown below:


From the list page you can also edit a specific budget scenario as well as see the detail information of the budget scenarios. you can also add budget scenario from the list page by clicking on the " + " icon