Product Requisition


1) Add product requisition:

Requisition is practically used by a user to notify the purchasing department of items it needs to order, their quantity and time-frame. From the application the process is shown below for adding a product requisition.

Acquisition--> Product Requisition--> Product Requisition Add


Windows shows how to add product requisition from the system.

First filling up the information field

a) Date: Date of requisition provision applying

b) Branch: From which branch the requisition is applying for the product

c) Department: Which department has proposed the requisition

d) Type: Type specifies what the requisition will be considered into. for example whether it will be in type of inventory or asset

e) Level: Explains the condition or priority whether immediate or gradual

f) Expected Date: Expected date of getting the product

g) Product Information: i.e for which product you are going for the requisition i.e. name of the item,product,description, quantity


2) Product Requistion List:


Show all the list of products that has been done for requisition. List shows the window with details information i.e. PR No. , PR Date, Request Type, Instruction, From Department, Branch, Request Level, Status etc. all of these are visible in the list page. Also you can edit or modify any specific PR by selecting PR No. or clicking on the edit icon on the right corner of the window