Manage Purchase Claim


Purchase Claim Management refers to the claiming of all the purchased products from a company. PrismERP can manage the claim of a purchased product in an organized manner from the application.Basically the claiming is done whenever there is any fault or problem issues in the product that are being purchased and if it falls under warranty, it can be generated for the claim as warranty service.

1) Add Purchase Claim: ( Note that the interface and information requirement field is the same for both sales and purchase claim)

RMA--> New Purchase Claim

From the Application when you are applying for a new purchase claim, the following window will appear as shown above and some of the requirements needs to be filled up in order to generate a claim.

i) Servicing Type: Allows you to choose the type of service whether the service is third party servicing or non-serial servicing

ii) Basic Information:

a) Vendor: Name of the vendor from whom product was purchased

b) Name: Name of the person who is the vendor

c) Contact details: Contact number of the vendor

d) Third Party Name & Contact: If the service type chosen as Third party then the name and contact of the third party from whom the product or service was taken

e) Product: Name of the product for which the claim is generating

f) Customer Vendor information Reference party: Name of the Vendor from whom the company brought the product

g) Ref name: Name of the Customer

h) Ref Contact: Contact of the Customer


iii) Add Claim Information:

a) Receiving Date: Date of receving the claim product

b) Notification: Date of Notification of claim

c) Warranty End date: Date of Warranty expired

d) Branch: Branch assigning or claim generating from another branch if there is any of the company (optional)

e) Delivery Branch: if there is any delivery branch assigned (optional)

f) Claim Received By: Name of the person who is receiving the claim from your company of the product. it can be the admin, purchased person or any employee of your company receiving the claim


2) Purchase Claim List:

Shows the list of all purchased claims and it's status with full information related to product and claim

RMA--> Claim List (Purchase)

Note: ( For both sale and purchase claim list the interface is the same as well as the requirements fields just one shows for sales and other for purchase)

From the list you can see user can track all the claims easily from the list page view which states with claim number, Claim for, Name of the customer, third party, Product serial of the claim product, Delivery management details, Purchase order number, name of the claim receiver, Condition , Relation etc.

Even from the list page you can change the condition or status of a particular purchase claim depending on the service. Basically this list page will help you to stay in track of all the claim functions of products.

If you want to see a particular claim list in more broader aspect or in better aspect, you can select a particular claim by clicking on the claim number. Then a window will appear as shown below:


As you can see after clicking a particular claim number the interface the overall status and information, The upper tabs will give you details in brief which include basic info,Claims, Vouchers, Deliveries.