Organization Management

Organization defines the specific business of a person, a holding company, a corporation and so on with whom a contact can be build. Providing organization information is needed for Customer Relationship Management.

1) How to add organization:


Listed below are the key functions to fill up for adding an organization from the above screenshot

1. Name - Name of the organization
2. Print as – Under which name it will be printed
3. Lead generation - Who brings the customer for campaign
4. Assign to - Who will be assigned for the campaign
5. Company rating - Company’s reputation by star marking or star rating
6. Information source - Where you have found the Information about the organization.
7. Branch – Under which branch the campaign will occur
8. Description – Details about the campaign.
9. Reference Description – Details about the reference.
10. Company Information – Details about the company.
11. Company contact Information – Details about the information for contacting with the company
12. Contact person’s information – Information about that person of the company should have to be contacted.
13. Address Information – All information about company address like road number, house number etc.

After providing all information, required and then saving the information will help adding an organization in the application.


2) Organization List:

a) In the organization list, user can search company by putting thana, division, city, branch, organization, rating, phone, email, date etc.
b) Activate/Deactivate the organization by clicking after selecting the organization.
c) Can add organization by clicking the Plus “+” button.
d) By clicking the report button, user can see the details about the organization and take printout.


3) Import Organization:

From the Application Adding an organization becomes more easier by importing an organization from the 3rd party system such as desktop or laptop or from personal backup file.

The above window process is described below:

a) Go to the browse option on the top left of the above screenshot

b) Select the import file of organization. The file should be in excel format (.xls)

c) There is also an advanced option below the browse window. Advance option defines all the category and list of information which you want to carry forward from the import file.

d) Some of the categories in the advance option are marked as "red colour" Those categories are mandatory filled information which will be carried forward from the import file.

e) If you want to see the pattern of giving entry of organization list information in the excel file, download the sample file shown beside browse option of the above screenshot. you will get a clear idea of how to process or provide the entry in excel file