Show Cause


Add Show Cause:
Disciplinary Management --> Add Show Cause

Show Cause.jpg

Ref ID: Serial number for particular cause
Employee: Name of the employee
Department: From which department working
Designation: Position of the employee in a company
Complian by: Person who is issuing the complain
On Behalf of:
Offense Description: Description of the full cause for the breaking the discipline
Show Cause Date: Date of Cause 
Complain Date: Issued date of complain
Execution Date: Date at which the cause will be executed or implemented
Reason: Disciplinary statement reason for which the cause generated of an employee
Notice Period: Time period of notice
Action: Penalty
Committee Description: Description or condition which the commitee will take for the employee


After clicking on the "Save" button then the cause will be generated and will be shown in the list.

Show Cause List:
Disciplinary Management --> Show Cause --> Show Cause list

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