Receive Proforma Invoice


PrismERP’s LC Management can manage the received Proforma invoice which is sent by the exporter. Currency can be managed as well as payment terms, advising bank, partial shipment, Terms & Conditions and Additional Clause.

PI Number: represents the invoice number of the exporter

PI Date: Date of Proforma Invoice created

Advising Bank: Bank of the Buyer/Exporter from where the LC is generated

Exp LC Open Date: Date of expired of the opening LC

Currency: Under what currency will the payment be

Payment Terms: Terms & Condition of Payment whether it will be in time draft, deferred, Sight Draft, Usance

Partial Shipment: Defines the breakdown of shipment whether you want the product to come in breakdown or altogether. ( Allow or Not Allowed)

Shipment/Container: Name of the Shipment or the Container from where the product is coming

Port of Shipment: Place from where the buyer or exporter shipment is occurring ( Name of the port of the country for example: Beijing, Hongkong etc.)

Destination Port: Destination of delivering the goods from where you will receive the product

Order: Represents the name of the work order that has been performed

By clicking the " Add Product" the product name will be shown in the box below the button and its information (i.e. LC Unit cost, Quantity, LC Total etc.)

Instruction box below represents the manual or instruction provided for the product (optional)




Shows all the list of invoice


From the above screenshot, it displays all the PI Number that has been performed in the system along with the PI date, Name of the Supplier, Branch, LC Total, Currency, LC No. & Status of the Invoice whether it is approved or not. From the list page you can even customize or make changes of the status from the below buttons of pending, Approved, Complete, Rejected, Closed etc.

Search Filter option will also help to search individual PI from different category of search filter such as inserting PI No, Supplier etc. and many more