Money Receipt

Concept of Money receipt is very familiar and important to every business, company or organization. You are receiving cash from the customer manually and providing a hand written money receipt to the customer, Similar process of payment and getting a manual money receipt from the client of doing the payment, The system can generate keep the record of that voucher and provide money receipt report in the application for tracking and reporting.

1) Providing Money Receipt from a particular cash payment and receive: In order to see or provide a money receipt report for a manual cash payment or receiving entry, first of all you need to make a payment or receive voucher and follow the same procedure of creating PV & RV (While creating the purchase & Receipt voucher, you can provide the manual receipt number of receiving in the description field or you can do that even from the voucher list page by clicking on that specific PV-xxx) the details is shown below:

Voucher--> Voucher List

Select the particular PV or RV which you want to see the money receipt of ( Note that if you want to make any edit or modification of that PV for writing a description of manual receipt number entry, you need to take the PV in pending state or it has to be in pending state in order to make the edit of description in that voucher). The details screenshot is provided below.

First going to the voucher list:

Then select the PV or RV which you want to see the money receipt . After clicking on the specific voucher, a window will appear as given below:

After visiting the particular voucher page go on to the report tab on the upper right of the window and then click on money receipt report.

2) Cheque Payment and Receipt Report as General similar to Money Receipt: Providing the receipt as a report for any cheque payment or receiving manually. Similar process of creating cheque or going to specific issued cheque from the issued cheque list.

From any specific issued cheque list or cheque payment or receive voucher list go to their specific voucher page and click on the report and then the cheque receipt report will appear as shown below: