Manage Activity

PrismERP’s CRM activity option helps to track the daily activities of their employees with time span.

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In the activity, user can record or save each and every activity like meeting, conversations and issues regarding the campaign.
At first user should select add activity from activity option of CRM module. Then fill up all the information of new Activity Information.
1. Activity type: Choose the type of activity.
2. Subject: Write down the subject of activity.
3. Party type: Choose the party type.
4. Contact person: Choose the contact person from the list.
5. Issue type: Choose the issue type from the list.
6. Activity date: Mention the date of activity.
7. Start time and End time: Mention the start and end time of the activity.
8. Duration (Min): Mention the time duration by minutes of the activity.
9. Next Activity: Choose the next activity from the following list.
10. Description: Write down details about the activity.
11. Party Name: Choose the party name from the following list.
12. Assign to, Issue, Status: Choose all these from the following list


2) Activity List:

CRM activity list page shows the total activities & a number of search button which facilitates to find the party at a single click.