Fund Transfer

Fund transfer is the process of transferring funds or money from one branch to another branch of your company or an organization. Basically company's internal money transfer between branches is known as the Fund transfer process.

In order to perform the process go to: Cashbook--> Fund Transfer--> New Fund Transfer Out

Branch: Selecting the branch from where the money will be taking out

Dest. Branch: Branch destination where fund is getting transferred (Transferred In)

Date: Date of Entry

Amount: Amount of Transferring Money

Credit Account: Account which will be credited too

After filling up the required field click on save to generate a transfer process and a window will appear like this given below:

Notice that although the fund transfer out has been generated but didn't get approved. It is still in pending state as shown in " ! " icon . You need to select that and click on the accept button in order to proceed the fund transfer out. this approval layer has been provided in order to track and verify whether the process you want to generate or not or can be appointed to the approval layer person for accepting. Even if you need any changed in fund transfer before accepting you can do the edit of that specific FOUT-xxxx  by clicking on the edit icon on the right corner of the specific Fund transfer out number.

After accepting the fund transfer out list mark that your fund transfer process has not been completed yet to the destination branch. The approval was just from the transfer out process now in order to receive the transfer i.e. transfer In . You need to go to transfer In list.

Cashbook--> Fund Transfer--> Fund Transfer List

Now you can see after travelling through the transfer In list page you can see it is in pending state which means although the fund transfer out process was accepted but the fun still get transferred in to the destination branch. In order to get the fun in to the destination you need to select that FIN-xxx number and click on the accept to complete the final transfer of fund process from one branch to another.