Dashboard Card & Portlet Management


Dashboard card management refers to the top cards interface of the main home page of the application. In the application when a customer gets a copy there are some defaults header cards that are already being created in the application for showing in the front home page as a card. The dashboard card screenshot is showing below with green colour labelled.





This is the view of all the dashboards at the top of the home page window. From that page you can manage the cards from the system. Clicking on the manage cards will appear a window showin in screenshot below:



The left side headers are set as default and cannot be changed. These are the cards which can be visible on the home page dashboard. you can customize or pick up to show the desire of your cards by selecting from the status. Even you can check out the action whether active or inactive.


Adding Portlet to the Dashboards:

Porlets in the dashboard defines the graphical representation of overall business status or overall intelligence report of your company.

Screenshot is given below:




Porlets are labelled as green  on the top of the screenshot. All of these portels can be added and removed from the application by clicking on the add porlet on the top right corner of the screenshot. The following window will appear as shown:






From the above screenshot that you select the desired portlet which you want to see in the dashboard (Note that all the portlets are created already as default, you cannot create by your own, you just give the requirements of porlets and the developer will develop it) . Select the column and position i.e. at what side of the dashboard will you place the specific porlet.